For the past 100 years, San Antonio Winery has brought people together as a family, company and brand through great-tasting, award-winning wines. Settled in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, it has become one of the most iconic landmarks of the City of Angels today.
This winery, founded 100 years ago, has grown into a company expanding from Los Angeles to Rutherford as well as across the Atlantic with vineyards in Piedmont, Italy. San Antonio Winery has an enviable portfolio of iconic wines including Stella Rosa, Bodega Sangria, Maddalena, Diama, Opaque, Three Pines, and the brand that started it all, San Antonio.



1833 Jean- Louis Vignes

French winemaker Jean-Louis Vignes brings the first European vines from his native Bordeaux, plants them in Downtown Los Angeles, and establishes his winery, El Aliso, where Union Station now stands.


1917 San Antonio Winery

Santo Cambianica establishes San Antonio Winery on Lamar Street, dedicating it to his Patron Saint Anthony.


1936 From Italy to America

Stefano Riboli’s parents feel there is more opportunity for their son in the United States, and he leaves Italy to apprentice under his Uncle Santo at San Antonio Winery.


1956 Stefano Riboli

Santo Cambianica passes away, and wishes for Stefano to continue the business for the next generation. Stefano is granted full ownership of San Antonio Winery, and begins to live out the powerful vision he and his wife Maddalena have for their future and their family.


1980 Napa Valley

The Riboli Family purchases vineyard properties in the prestigious Rutherford appellation of Napa Valley. Here they start relationships and business partnerships with grape growers throughout the state, many of which still exist today.

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My family has been creating lasting memories with San Antonio Winery for more than a decade. Born and raised in Lincoln Heights, there is no other place I get my wines.

Chris S

I grew up in LA, near Alvarado and Olympic. I am a true Angeleno. But, at 35 years, I decided to finally make the my first visit, wife in tow. The experience was like finding a viticultural oasis in an industrial desert. The staff was friendly, the tour was informative and the wine, specifically the Madalena Cabernet Savignon, was exquisite. Happy 100th San Antonio, thank you for making this native Angeleno feel even more at home!


Knowing little to nothing about wine, a friend recommended the San Antonio Winery. I went up to the tasting bar and explained what I needed and my lack of wine knowledge to the wonderful young man behind the counter. He made my trip delightful and I left a little smarter about wines. When my son married I was so confident in offering to buy all the wine for the reception. I got so many compliments on the wine, it made the event so much more special.

Veronica Lopez

Almost 5 years ago I had my 30th bday party there and I met the owner and he had his nephew give me a bottle of the peach mascato and the over all love that was shown to be and my guest. I actually plan to do my 35th there again because the experience I had was one to remember.

Coretta Brady

For 100 years San Antonio Winery has been in the business of supplying excellent wine for its consumers. No doubt they truly deserve to win American Winery of the Year. Their wine is impeccable with flavor that is well worth drinking.

Susan West

San Antonio winery has been a part of our family for years, My grand parents frequented the winery for years dated back to over 50 years that I know about. we have visited the winery for 5 generations.

Luis Ortiz

I have very fond memories of San Antonio since I was a young child because I use to have lunch with my great grandmother who was a long standing citizen of Los Angeles. Now I frequent San Antonio with my grandmother, mother and little sister. The tradition within my family continues as does the family friendly, warm and inviting ambiance of San Antonio. Thank you for the memories! Cheers to many more!

Leslie Castro

I love going to the San Antonio winery in Los Angeles. The ambiance is great, very welcoming and the wine tasting is a great starter. The tour is very nice and it’s good to hear the history behind great tasting wines. Food is very good and portion sizes and great. Service overall at the winery is fantastic and I love going as much as possible.

Chanel Minor

Nothing better than wine tasting at San Antonio wine with friends and the fun staff that works there. I like hanging out with family when I go in there.

Wilbert Napoleon

Meeting the owner of the winery a couple years ago was truly a highlight while we were visiting in LA. It was an honor and a privelidge. That location in LA was awesome and we used to go there prior to the Dodger game and have lunch and some wine.

Dave Arnold

I Love San Antonio winery I finally went on my anniversary Cinco de mayo and I Love the food and wine my beloved friend and patient of mine used to buy me the Madelena bottle for special occasions and always enjoyed that place with his beloved wife back on their days😊👍

Sylvia Solis

My wife and I have been enjoying San Antonio wines for at least 25 years. We travel to Paso Robles every year and buy at least 2 cases of different types of spirits. The best part is the wide variety of wines. Its awesome!!!

Mario Sainz

I have been to the San Antonio winery many of times. But my favorite time is when I went to go sample with my daughter. We had a great time and even enjoyed the food very much. Considering she is a vegan, we can’t have a great lunch just any where. Thank you for all that you do and thanks to the terrific staff that works there as well.

Maria Lopez

I am honored to share my story because this was the last place I went to celebrate my 35th birthday with my family before my father passed away from cancer. So San Antonio Winery will always have a special place in my heart.

Nicole Horn

On our family wine trips to Paso Robles CA we never miss an opportunity to visit the beautiful San Antonio Winery. Over the years we have never been disappointed with the tastings and purchases we’ve made there. I would, and do, highly recommend to anyone who asks for a winery that has the best everyday, for any occasion, wine. You’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Trisha Endicott

My husband and I have been to all three of your wineries in Los Angeles, Ontario and Paso Robles. My husband loves your Port. After a massive heart attack and let alone surviving his heart attack, to this day, we credit his survival to wine, it relaxed him and 5 days later he walked out of the hospital and out of ICU with only a 20 percent chance to live. God is good and we thank the Lord each and every day.

Sharae Reasin

When my husband and visit Paso Robles, we always have ‘breakfast’ at San Antonio. On our wine shopping day, our first stop is here because the winery is open earlier than all the others we visit. But I have to remind my husband to leave some space in the trunk for other wineries! We’ve been coming to San Antonio since the winery took over after Martin and Weyrich. So glad we found you!

Karen Grindle

I love San Antonio Winery and Restaurant! Every chance I get I bring family and friends to experience this Wonderful Family atmosphere. The wine and food have brought many special events to be memorable!

Debbie Munoz

My wife & I take her mom to San Antonio Winery every Mother’s day. She loves going there & eating the Salmon. We love taking her there too! Last year we took her with my oldest son & she was so excited that he was going. She told him, ‘you can’t have any wine’ even though he was 30 years old at the time…we had a fabulous meal & visit as always!

Antonio Osollo

San Antonio Winery has always been a favorite spot for a family lunch or date night. But our circle of friends have made an annual tradition of lunching there after the jogathon at our children’s school. We sample, indulge in our much-loved Stellas and make it back to school in time for pickup! (In the trunk? Boxes of Stellas to share!) San Antonio Winery has always been our winery of choice. It’s always been Winery of the Year to us! Cheers!

Anissa Rivera

This is an absolute gem. The wine selections are great, the food is delicious and the service is unparalleled by any other winery.

Gus Chavez

All my stories are special from my very first visit to my last visit, I really enjoy taking people here and enjoying the food and wine, the staff is always very polite and makes our visit very pleasant. I love coming here and also the winery tours are awesome

Joann Palacio

We have gone to San Antonio winery in Ontario for many years. The wine selection is incredible. The service is always friendly and so helpful. We have attended several of their functions and plan on attending more. We are so lucky to live near such and incredible winery.

Madonna Petro

Best place to visit in downtown LA – great food at the restaurant that is topped only by the wine and hospitality. I will be back!

Daniel Baxendale

Red, White or Blush we love them all. We omly served San Antonio Wine at our Anniversary. We created a lot of new customers gor you that night. It was not sold here in Kansas but that didn’t stop us from finding a distributor. After much hounding I like to think we are responsible for your wine selling Kansas. Love it!

Doris Santillan

I’ve been going to the San Antonio for 53yrs and counting. Stephano, Maddalena, family and staff have always greeted my wife Selza and I with a warm welcome smile. I highly recommend having lunch there, the food is great.

Juan Dominguez

grandparents ,parents ,friends, and now my family have been coming for decades ,it’s truly a family tradition for us..

Marlon Aguilar

I love your wine it’s flavorful,enjoyable every slip of the way. I always introduced your wines to people and they to love it….Always a hit! so many delicious blends.

Camille Saenz

San Antonio is one of my favorite places to discover new wines and eat delicious food. The families rich history adds to the value of the winery and their legacy in Los Angeles.

Danny Reyes

I remember the first time I came to San Antonio Winery. I came with my father and its an experience I will never forget!

Edgar Jimenez

Good food, good wine! You can’t ask for more!

Vivian Angeles

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